domenica 4 febbraio 2018

Cinque poesie inedite tradotte dal Prof. Adeodato Piazza Nicolai

Five inedited poems of Angela Caccia

Myself and the sky
a ntural tie
the eyes connect
without embracing it all
my mind enfolds
without analyzing
     the world should be the heart
as the contact point
and at times it is not poetry’s time

the hand is free of the caress
pagan the thought
the inclement look
not a diagonal to grasp
things that are named
and names are monoliths
no verses can make them human
so they fall
and fall with a clang

there are times they carry with them
the stench of war that must be done
(the heart will return
to measure how dark the night has been)


 A house has no merit
but favorite rooms
the light chooses them
kisses them
curls up and falls asleep
in comfortable corners
tiniy kingdoms
swallow-tailed skies forever

barring access
to the shadow
reclining like veil on the skin
and placing in the mouth other alphabets
it’s not a matter of wideness
but of legitimate defense

(…will I ever grow up?)


One should play the sadness card
freely from time to time,
open up Pandora’s vase
let flow out failures implosions

downturned the mouth’s corners
crisp the voice from under stones
let the glare be insolent piercing everything
happily unhappy in its jail
 - to balance out darkness
one sleeps with a lit light –

One should play the sadness card
as if it were a giving up
to again urbanize emotions
and find the reasons to like oneself


Gambling is the first word’s temptation
already at the second
the heart says
it will not countersign
whatever you write

giving in
to who you are and nothing else
a suggestion half-mouthed
a thousand shipwrecks for a sure port
will not be enough


horizontal planes
visions at half bust
of a second-handed understanding

audacious verticality
a snake-like path
eternity some kind of payback

all in the orbit of an embrace
words are small boats of paper
the voice a river
on the shores barbarian couplets

© 2018 English translation by Adeodato Piazza Nicolai of Cinque poesie inedite di Angela Caccia. All Rights Reserved.